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Cooking for Engineers: Why there’s no such thing as a 20-minute recipe

Cooking for Engineers: Why there’s no such thing as a 20-minute recipe

There’s an old M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye and Trapper need to defuse a bomb. The bomb lands in the middle of camp, upright, embedded in the ground. They stand beside the bomb and start to defuse it, following a list of instructions that Henry, the base commander, is reading to them using a megaphone from across camp. Read more

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Either invest full-time or put it on auto-pilot. It’s rare to have great success otherwise. The best auto-pilot approach is to decide how much you want to invest each month and then buy that same dollar value each month whether the market is up or down. The technique is called “dollar-cost averaging“. Over the long-term, […] Read more – ‘Auto-pilot investing’.
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Managing expenses is hard. Our natural instincts lead us to want more and expenses follow along on the same path. To keep expenses in check, I’ve been asking myself, “Is it free?” If it’s free, sure, let’s try it. If not, then… maybe. Of course, it’s more common to ask, “Is it expensive?” or “Is […] Read more – ‘Is it free?’.
All that was now isn’t
Geologic time, how we chronologically track the back story of earth’s history, is a real mind bender. Its vastness is unfathomable, really, unless broken down into human terms. My favourite analogy is squishing the planet’s 4.57 billion-year history into one calendar year. Unicellular life shows up in March, dinosaurs go extinct by Christmas Eve, and […] Read more – ‘All that was now isn’t’.

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